WordPress developer’s tools

As in all professions, the developer needs a set of functional tools. Below I will try to list the necessary services and tools WordPress developer, to create sites has become much faster and more convenient. I will not list text editors and any standard programs (photoshop and other), which everyone already knows about.

WordPress developer’s tool and services

  1. Always include the debug mode when developing. To do this, replace wp-config.php with define(‘WP_DEBUG’, false); on define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true);. This will help to keep track of bugs during the development phase.
  2. UNDERSCORES – this service creates a blank for your future theme in almost a couple of clicks.Инструменты WordPress разработчика - UNDERSCORES
  3. Theme check – a great plugin that will help with WordPress themes development. It will show which functions can not be used, and which should be mandatory in each theme. The plugin should work with the enabled debug mode in order to track the maximum number of errors.
  4. Debug Bar – Another plugin for tracking errors when developing themes or plugins. It shows PHP and JS errors, but it will also be useful for optimizing the database operation. It’s shows requests to DB.
  5. Adminer – a good PHP script for working with the database, if you do not have access to phpMyAdmin. Extract to the directory of your site and work as with phpMyAdmin. As for me, the script works very quickly and I did not have any problems with it.
  6. Search Replace DB – PHP script, necessary to search and replace in the database (for example, a domain name).
  7. Codestar Framework – An excellent framework for WP, if you can’t use Advanced Custom Fields Pro, and you need duplicate fields and other features. I’m using this framework, but there are a lot of other popular solutions, like Redux.Инструменты WordPress разработчика - Codestar Framework
  8. TGM Plugin Activation – an indispensable solution if you need to connect any plugins when activating your WordPress theme.
  9. Photostocks – If you create a demo for your WordPress theme, you can’t do without them.

These tools will help you speed up and facilitate development on WordPress. Perhaps you know some more good resources or tools – write about them in the comments, we will be interested to learn something new!

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